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A Gibberish Cantata

GHOM! is a vocal-musical performance interrogating the possibility of spiritual transcendence in contemporary artistic settings. Performed by a collective of singers from diverse ages and backgrounds, GHOM! bridges contrasting forms of artistic knowledge and virtuosity in order to create and re-create the experience of alternate states of consciousness: the systematic and the chaotic, the articulated and the energetic, the designed and the found.

GHOM! is a minimalistic a-capella Gibberish Cantata. Written in a variety of invented languages, it is both a study of and a homage to the spiritual research and knowledge of ritualistic traditions and practitioners: oriental and occidental, past and present. The compositions of Giacinto Scelsi, the songs of Bengal’s Baul minstrels, the occult liturgy of Carlo Gesualdo, the ayahuasca chants of the Santo Daime church and the mystical folk music of Bonnie Prince Billy, among others, form the basis for the tumultuous psycho-mystic journey of GHOM!.

GHOM! seeks to launch the audience into an imaginary pre-history brimming with mystic pan-religious energy. The impossible journey is led by a Gibberish-speaking Shaman who walks the audience through the emerging and fragmentary myth. Under his guidance, the audience is invited to join the group in mantra-gibbering and other incidental rituals: a pilgrimage across the stage, experiments in zoomorphism, a rite of passage of one of the child-singers, and obsessive attempts to enter a state of trance are all chapters in the chaotic-yet-meticulously-structured performance of GHOM!

A ritualistic-performative journey with no text, characters, or predetermined plot, the journey of GHOM! inevitably results in failure and loss, but from that loss, a renewed spiritual growth is achieved: GHOM!

Noam Enbar

Noam Enbar, founder of the radical Post-Rock band “Habiluim”, whose acclaimed records released in 2003, 2007 and 2013. Enbar is a founder member of the Klezmer-Anarcho-Punk super group “Oy Division” and of the musical collective “GreedyAdam”. Both bands performed in countless festivals in Europe and the US. Enbar has Performed in “Home Festival” and “Sacred Music Festival” (part of the 2012 and 2013 Jerusalem seasons of Culture), his performance “Sleep Inducement” was premiered at the Israel Museum. 

Enbar has written music for a number of films including the musical documentary “Z32” (2008 Venice film festival), and the feature “Once I entered a Garden” (2012 Rome Film Festival), both directed by acclaimed documentarist Avi Mograbi.

In 2013, Enbar Created in collaboration with Mr. Mograbi the large scale audio-video performance “The Details”, premiering at the 2012 “Berlinale”, followed by “Paris White Nights”(2013) and London’s “Open City Docs Fest” (2014).

Enbar has written music for theatre and dance pieces, In 2014 he composed and musically directed the musical-theatrical work “The General And The Sea” (directed by Yonatan Levy).

In 2015 Enbar founded his own ensemble “The Great Gehenna Choir”, performing his original music and worked in collaboration with Avi Mograbi on singings at “Holot” prison for African asylum-seekers, as part of Mograbi’s new theatrical-documentary project “Between Fences”. Since 2012 teaches composition and choir classes at “Musrara” academy of the arts, Jerusalem.

  • photo: Avi Pitchon
    photo: Avi Pitchon


  • Music by Noam Enbar
  • Directed by Nir Shauloff
  • Text by Yonatan Levy              
  • Participants: Avshalom Ariel, Tomer Damsky, Noam Enbar, Michal Oppenheim, Alma Oppenheim, Yair Polishook, Adam Scheflan.

Nir Shauloff

B. 1983, Jerusalem, lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Nir Shauloff graduated from the MA Laboratory Program of Theatre and Performance Studies at Tel Aviv University (2013), and is now writing his MA thesis.

His artistic work unfolds over several practices: he is a stage performer and director, a dramaturg and a creator of various art projects and collaboration in the media of performance, video, text and research.
He recently created combina for the Ruhrtriennale Festival 2015, showing at the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, NaxosHalle Frankfurt, Bâtard Festival Brussels/Amsterdam and Körber Festival Hamburg.
Shauloff also works in a theatre collective he co-founded in 2011, recently showing Nephilim (Israel Festival 2016), The General and the Sea (hosted by the Batsheva Dance Company) and Saddam Hussein (Schaubühne Berlin, Theatre der Welt, Plzen Festival).

Shauloff’s works and collaborations showed at KW Berlin, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Pelican Bomb New Orleans, MOMA New York, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, CCA Tel Aviv, HaMidrasha Gallery Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Season of Culture, Israel National Library, Herzlia Museum of Art, Bat Yam Museum of Art, the Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv and other venues.