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Nadav Barnea

Pa'am - Theatre Installation

Using audio recordings, light design and projected images on eight old TV screens, PA’AM wishes to offer the audience a stroll between fragments of memory, longings and introspection.

Recorded texts, projected texts and images reveal the three stories  (told autobiographically by the musician Eran Zur, actress Ora Meirson and actor Doron Tavori),  that are a mixture of facts, thoughts, nostalgic longing and guilt. The stories are coiled together into a mosaic of broken memories producing an hybrid image of the past.

The lighting and the screens, projecting texts and many different images are the actual performers in this work, giving additional layers of information to the spoken word.

“…If we talk about “experimental theatre”, this work – being a refreshing psychedelic trip – fits the definition.”

(Yair Ashkenazi, Ha’aretz Daily Newspaper, October 2016)


  • By | Nadav Barnea
  • Dramaturgy | Lior Avizoor
  • Light and sound Design | Nadav Barnea
  • Recorded interviews  | Doron Tavori, Eran Zur, Ora Meirson
  • Video | Nimrod Zin
  • Performer | Paulo Moura
  • Text | Eli Eliahuo
  • Movement advisor | Ravid Sevil
  • Technical Management | Yair Segal
  • Production Manager | Daniella Shenav
  • Managemer Nadav Barnea | Yardena Asolin
  • Photo: Eyal Landsman
    Photo: Eyal Landsman
  • Photo: Gila Gilad
    Photo: Gila Gilad
  • Photo: Gila Gilad
    Photo: Gila Gilad
  • Photo: Gila Gilad
    Photo: Gila Gilad
  • Photo: Gila Gilad
    Photo: Gila Gilad
  • Photo: Gila Gilad
    Photo: Gila Gilad

Nadav Barnea

Nadav Barnea (born 1987) is a multidisciplinary artist, a musician and a lighting designer.

As a lighting designer, Nadav has worked with many prominent theatre directors, choreographers and musicians in independent frameworks as well as within the top theatres and art institutions in Israel and has established himself as a leading light designer.

As a musician and sound designer, Barnea has written soundtracks for dance and theatre pieces as well as for television and films. In 2017 Barnea was the sound advisor for Ohad Naharin work Venezuela created for the Batsheva Dance Company.

As a singer-songwriter, Barnea has published his debut album in 2014. The album received praising reviews and was played extensively in various radio stations.

In the last three years Barnea has started creating lighting and sound installations that were presented within group multidisciplinary exhibitions such as Cenzorship, The Art to Survive and Protest all in Aza13 in Jaffa.

His own first theatrical-installation, Pa’am, was presented in 2016 within the framework of Acco Theatre Festival 2016.  In Pa’am Nadav creates a fascinating and compelling narrative of the complexity of the human condition, where light, video, images, sound and the human voice fill the stage and create a whole and unique experience. The work received raving reviews and continues to run in Israel.