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Noam Enbar & Nir Shauloff

Ghom! / The Book of Challenges

GHOM! A Gibberish Cantata

GHOM! is a gibberish cantata for an ensemble of singers, based on texts in a variety of invented and transmuted languages. Roughly portraying the rite of passage of one of the participants, GHOM!’s ever evolving form is an experiment in the creation of a new, self-critical post-colonial liturgy, cannibalizing different esoteric traditions – from the songs of West Bengal’s “Baul” minstrels to the Ayahuasca chants of the “Santo Daime” church – into an imagined and often ironic collective attempt to reach spiritual transcendence.

  • photo: Avi Pitchon
    photo: Avi Pitchon


  • Music and Concept by Noam Enbar
  • Directed by Nir Shauloff
  • Text by Yonatan Levy              
  • Participants: Avshalom Ariel, Tomer Damsky, Noam Enbar, Michal Oppenheim, Alma Goldshmit Oppenheim, Yair Polishook, Adam Scheflan.

The Book Of Challenges

The Book of Challenges is a fragmented-meditative work, having its origin in a series of musical miniatures for three voices. While each miniature poses a discrete (musical, performative, physical) challenge for the participants, the work as whole, moving between ecstatic sonic-cleansing, competitive devotional singing and repetitive participatory chanting, is perceived, in retrospect, as a nuanced transformative journey for the audience.

Premiered in the framework of Preaching to the Choir, solo show by Noam Enbar at the Tel-Aviv Museum, curated by Ruti Director, April 2017.


  • Music and concept by Noam Enbar
  • Dramaturgy by Nir Shauloff
  • Performed by Netta Barzilay, Noam Enbar and Faye Shapiro


Noam Enbar

Born in 1978, lives and works in Tel-Aviv.  Enbar is a singer, composer and performance artist, founder of the radical Post-Rock band “Habiluim” and the Klezmer-Anarcho-Punk ensemble “Oy Division”. Enbar has written music for a number of films including “Z32” (2008 Venice film festival), “Once I Entered a Garden” (2012 Rome Film Festival) and “Between Fences” (2016 Berlinale Film Festival), all directed by acclaimed documentarist Avi Mograbi. In 2013, Enbar collaborated with Mograbi on the large scale audio-video performance “The Details”, premiering at the 2012 Berlinale, featured later at Paris White Nights (2013) and London’s Open City Docs Fest (2014). Enbar has  premiered works in Home Festival and Sacred Music Festival (part of the 2012 and 2013 Jerusalem Seasons of Culture). Enbar composed and musically directed the musical-theatrical work “The General and the Sea” (2014) and the trilogy “Nefilim” (Premiered at the Israel Festival 2016), both directed by Yonatan Levy. In 2015, Enbar founded his own ensemble, “The Great Gehenna Choir”, which performs his original music. In 2016 he premiered his work for singers “Ghom! A Gibberish Cantata”, in collaboration with Nir Shauloff, at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv. In 2017, his video piece “The Rain is Gone” was presented at the Berlinale Forum Expanded Exhibition, he also staged his work “Antigone” in collaboration with Jonatan Levy at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin. On January 2017, he opened his solo show “Preaching to the Choir” at the Tel-Aviv Museum, comprising of a six months long cycle of events/happenings/works for singers. Since 2012, Enbar teaches composition, choir classes and performance at Musrara Academy of the Arts, Jerusalem. 




Nir Shauloff

Born in 1983 in Jerusalem, lives and works in Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

Nir Shauloff graduated from the MA Laboratory Program of Theatre and Performance Studies at Tel Aviv University (2013), and is now writing his MA thesis.

His artistic work unfolds over several practices: he is a stage performer and director, a dramaturg and a creator of various art projects and collaboration in the media of performance, video, text and research.
He recently created combina for the Ruhrtriennale Festival 2015, showing at the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, NaxosHalle Frankfurt, Bâtard Festival Brussels/Amsterdam and Körber Festival Hamburg.
Shauloff also works in a theatre collective he co-founded in 2011, recently showing Nephilim (Israel Festival 2016), The General and the Sea (hosted by the Batsheva Dance Company) and Saddam Hussein (Schaubühne Berlin, Theatre der Welt, Plzen Festival).

Shauloff’s works and collaborations showed at KW Berlin, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Pelican Bomb New Orleans, MOMA New York, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, CCA Tel Aviv, HaMidrasha Gallery Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Season of Culture, Israel National Library, Herzlia Museum of Art, Bat Yam Museum of Art, the Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv and other venues