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Stav Marin & Neta Weiner



A family battle celebration: voice, body, and text aligned in a life-and-death struggle.

“In our childhood we spend more time with our brothers and sisters than with our parents.

The connection with them lasts for a  longer period. Our lives as siblings are conducted on the axis of cooperation and competition. We learn about loyalty and struggle from our brothers and sisters more than from any other person in our lives (…) more than teachers, friends, lovers and pets – siblings design us into who we are. ”

(Henry  Abramovitch, Brothers and Sisters- Myth and reality)

“A special theatre moment, painful and witty humor, emotional intensity evident in every moment”. (Nano Shabtai, Haaretz daily Newspaper)

Directed and choreographed by | Neta Weiner and Stav Marin
Written by | Neta Weiner
Performed by | Beni Eldar, Stav Marin and Neta Weiner
Dramaturgy | Raz Weiner
Light and space design | Yoav Barel
Costume design | Idan Lederman
Illustration and graphic design | Michael Rozanov
Artistic advise | Or Marin, Yael Citron, Nitzan Cohen

Mejinik won the 2019 Golden Hedgehog Fringe Theatre Awards for Best Play and Best Director.

  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf

“Brilliant text… subversive, defies conventions, and challenges flattening generalizations.” (Ora Brafman, DanceTalk)


A physical and vocal duet about the violence and the softness of a couple, inside out, in the present place and tense.

Cut. Loose deals with relationships and power relations, traversing spheres of gender, militarism, popular culture and politics through the examination of different languages, both as separate and as combined: masculine language, feminine language, body language and spoken language.

Cut. Loose occurs in three dimensions – words, movement, and sound. The key element in this work is the knife, as an immediate means of communication, similar to the usage of a word. A square arena is the ground for the battles that are sometimes a joint practice, sometimes an act of intimacy and sometimes a fight to the death. The audience experience the rounds of battles at point-blank range, as witnesses, critics, and reluctant partners.

  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by David Kaplan
    Photo by David Kaplan

“This hectic show touched something deep about the horrible price of war and violence which controls our lives, and about our need to feel prepared for battle at all times “. (Yedioth Achronot, 2017)

“…Brilliant Spoken-Word, precise, erotic, and violent movement-work, demonstrating how much the national security and political situation in Israel penetrates the personal life and creates a new discourse of intimacy”.   (Ha’aretz, 2016)

Winner of  the “Israel Festival Award” of the Acco Festival, 2016

Winner of  the “Stage Language” prize of the Israeli Independent Theatre Awards, 2017

voted as  “Best Duet of Israeli dance”  for 2017 by Dance Talk

By | Neta Weiner and Stav Marin
Performed by | Stav Marin and Neta Weiner
Dramaturgy | Raz Weiner
Light and space design | Yoav Barel
Costume design | Anat Martkovich


Stav Marin

Stav Marin is a choreographer and dancer. As a dancer and performer, Stav participated in dozens of dance and theater productions performed in Israel and abroad, and has done collaborative work with a variety of choreographers, dance companies and artists.

In the past decade  she has created her own works which explores the physical-verbal connection, including the solo performance “May I- Just a Question” (Intimadance Festival 2015), “Cut. Loose” (Acre festival 2016),  which was that year’s winner of the Israel Festival Award and the winner of the “Stage Language” award in the Israeli Fringe contest of 2017.  Her collaborative work with dancer choreographer Meirav Dagan “Come Closer” was premiered at the 2016 Curtain Up Festival and presented at the Stockholm Fringe Festival in Sweden and the Diversia Festival in Russia.  Her work “Marin Dynasty” was performed at the 2017 Between Heaven And Earth  Festival at the Israel museum.

In September, 2018, she was invited, alongside Neta Weiner, to Tallinn, Estonia, to create a dance piece for the Fine5 Dance company.

In January 2019 the new work “Mejinik”, which she created together with Neta Weiner for the Tmu-na Theater Ensemble, made its debut.


Neta Weiner

Director, musician, poet and actor.

Lead singer and accordionist  for the multilingual Jewish- Palestinian Hip-hop ensemble System Ali, and artistic director of Beit System Ali Culture center in the Jessi Cohen neighborhood in Hulon.

The band has been working for 12 years, creating and performing in Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, English, Yiddish and Amharic – the sum of its member mother tongues.

In the last decade, Weiner has created Spoken Word shows and widely acclaimed and award-winning plays which have been produced for festivals and major theaters in Israel and abroad.

Weiner’s creation “Cut. Loose”, created  together with choreographer Stav Marin, premiered at the Acre Festival and won the Israel Festival Prize and the “Stage Language” award in the Israel Fringe Theater Contest.  This work explores intimate relationships and the balance of power, through an examination of mother tongues – male and female language, verbal and non-verbal.

In January 2019 Weiner launched his creation “Mejinik” in collaboration with Marin. The work deals with sibling relations through physical, verbal and vocal study.  This work was produced and staged by the Tmu-na Theater Ensemble of Tel Aviv.

Weiner’s debut album album, “By Right of Return” ‘was released in February, 2016, and was acclaimed by both audiences and critics.  Weiner’s album, and the show which has been accompanying it since its release, produce a rare Hebrew encounter of Hip-hop, drum and bass, Klezmer and folk music. The songs in the album challenge the Hebrew language and add to it bits of other languages from near and far – Arabic, Yiddish, Russian and German.

Weiner has practiced different martial arts for some twenty years and is a licensed teacher of Wing Tsun Kung Fu method.